New Starts and New Beginnings


Recently ive come across photography and its weird because I’ve always been into video and cinematography. Yet when I started to pick up that SLR camera and I started to learn aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. Even though these features are kind of confusing to learn, it felt like these skills came to me in an instant and it was easy to understand. Istarted to learn elements of design of photography but even though they are similar to medias EOD it still was interesting to learn. The more stuff to learn the more it interested me more and more.

Most people these days just pick up that camera , turn it on, and start shooting whatever they want. Leaving it on automatic then point and shoot. Boom they think they have a awesome photograph and sometimes they do. Yet they are missing out of the wonderful adjustments to the camera that make those galleries in art shows they see so wonderful and only if they knew if they took some time to learn these features that they too could be a artist in galleries.


Gallery                                                                      Learning

gallery-photo                                          resources-photo


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Last Edit: 3/9/2018