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First You Must,

understand that all of these elements work together to create your exposure. If you have trouble understanding one of these elements it will affect what your doing and your picture will look over exposed and the clipping that you’ve created will make for a lesser experience later when editing.. Make sure you understand these processes first and you will have a smoother times doing so…

Check out this video The 3 Basics of Exposure & Photography by Matthew Gore




is a hole or an opening through which light travels.

Photography : The Resource Page

Introduction of Aperture In Digital Photography

Understanding Maximum Aperture





Refers to the amount of light that enters the lens and hits the sensor

ISO Sensitivity

Understand ISO – A Beginners Guide

 What is ISO? A camera’s sensitivity to light explained, and how to use it



Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed

Controls the amount of time the shutter remains open while letting in light for the sensor

How To Choose A Shutter Speed

Nikon: Shutter Speed

Cambridge In Color : Shutter Speed

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